No one will be admitted to the campsite without camping tickets; you can buy them on this website or in person at the ticket outlets listed. When you arrive the stewards will show you where the campsite area is.

Family Camping Area
Last year some families were disturbed by everyone partying through the night - so we’re allocated a separate area to those who would like a good night’s sleep! Please tell the marshals if you’d like to be there and they’ll show you the way!

General Camping Area
It’s a festival - so an air of festivity’s fine! That said, even in the general camping area, we’d be grateful if you’d be considerate to those camping near you.

Professional thieves often target festival campsites so it’s best not to bring anything valuable if you can avoid it. We cannot be responsible for any loss or theft.

Damage to Vehicles
The same applies to vehicles in the car parking area - we cannot be responsible for any damage to or theft from vehicles anywhere on the site.

Campsite Safety
For your protection, we’ll be posting security people in the campsite all night. They’ll be at the campsite café area, which will be brightly lit by a floodlight. SO - if you’re worried, frightened or threatened by anyone - or if you need First Aid HEAD FOR THE LIGHT.

Campsite Rules


Medical & Welfare
There will be first aiders onsite who are fully experienced in dealing with any injuries. THE FIRST AID STATION IS AT THE GAZEBO AT THE TOP OF THE MAIN ARENA (just below the restaurant)

Information Points
If you get lost, or if your child goes astray, please contact a member of staff at one of these points:
Stage 1 control area - down near the lake
The control office (and FIRST AID point) - IN THE GAZEBO AT THE TOP OF THE MAIN ARENA (just below the restaurant)
From any of these areas our people will arrange for an announcement to be broadcast across the entire festival site.

Ps & Qs
Please do not bring glass onsite - it’s not allowed for safety and environmental reasons and will be confiscated. There’s plenty of music at the festival so please do not bring your own sound systems - they will be confiscated! Please respect local residents’ land and property and don’t trespass on areas that aren’t assigned to the festival Please don’t drop any litter - put it in the bins/bags proved or take it with you. Litter’s not only expensive (and very tiring for us!) to pick up after the event - it’s also harmful and potentially fatal to the farm animals, birds and marine life on the farm.

Bar staff will ask for proof of age whenever a customer appears to be under 18 – so if you think there’s a chance you’ll asked, bring some photo ID. It’s up to you to prove you’re over 18.

Be Cool!
Antisocial and illegal behaviour will not be tolerated: ejection, possibly by the police, without return, will be the outcome. We’re proud of the chilled-out and friendly vibe at Westmill and we want to keep it like that. If anyone’s threatening or harassing you - let one of our security people know. They’re highly trained, super-friendly professionals and you’ll find their presence very reassuring!

Festival toilets don’t have to be a bad experience! We’re providing plenty of lavatories in the arena and on the campsite. These will be cleaned at intervals so please don’t pee in the fields or hedges - and particularly not in the lakes or streams because the resulting pollution is extremely harmful to the fish.

There are no cashpoints onsite - so we suggest you bring enough money to last the day or weekend – after all, as well as the licensed bar and food outlets there are loads of market stalls that might take your fancy!


Stewards, Parking Marshals, Campsite Wardens, Catering Assistants and more! Pay for your ticket into the festival by getting involved!
It’s great fun and looks good on your CV. Get in touch NOW at or call 01920 461641.


Calling all market traders! We still have space for more stalls - so if you’d like to rent stall space to sell arts, crafts, clothing or anything else that will interest our audience, please contact us at
All stalls are subject to approval.

MORE THAN MUSIC - there's loads of other stuff to do at Westmill Farm
Sphereing® is the name - it involves jumping into a giant inflatable ball with your mates and being hurled down a hill - obvious, really! Sphereing is an extreme activity - wear sensible stout clothing and expect to get a bit messy! To Harness or to Aqua - that is the question it’s all very simple really - do you want to get all screamy and shouty and scared or do you want to get all screamy and shouty and laugh an awful lot (and maybe a bit wet, too)? The Harness experience is for those who like their fun extreme - it’s bouncy, fast and a not just a little bit disorientating as you scream downhill strapped in securely opposite the other poor unfortunate su… no no, I mean the other happy SphereManiac. The AquaSphere has an element of theme park water chute mixed in with some up-close-and-personal attention from your friends as you slosh around in the bottom of the Sphere getting thoroughly wet. Where would you rather be??? Did we mention, you end up in a river…

Target archery is the latest addition to our range of fun and enjoyable group activities. Our bows are high quality wooden take-down recurve bows and the arrows are alloy tube. anyone from 6 and upwards can have a go as we have a range of bow sizes and weights.
Climbing Wall
Our 8.5m mobile climbing wall has 4 climbing faces allowing 4 simultaneous climbs - each climb is different and each one varies in difficulty from reasonably simple to a little tricky, especially if you have little or no climbing experience. 4 climbers can scale the heights at once and even compete to be first to the top. Each climber wears a safety harness, which is attached to a specialist auto belay mechanism that will catch you if you fall - get to the top and let go!

The guns are Italian made genuine single barrel shotguns with the firing mechanisms replaced by a load of electronic stuff - no danger to wildlife and no recoil! Up to 5 participants shoot simultaneously at the same targets and hits are automatically scored on the large digital scoreboard - each shooter can see how they are ranked.

Events run by Top Events, see more at